Dean Sharp Joins Us To Discuss The Forgotten Art of Lighting

Lighting is vital to home design.

Yet, for some reason, it is still the least considered and most poorly executed aspect of home design.

Dean Sharp "The House Whisperer" is here to save all of our homes from terrible lighting.

So, you're still asking, is lighting really the most important?

Well, architecture is principally a business of light.  Without sight, our design needs would be utterly different.  Like the old saying goes, “All architecture can be great architecture after sunset.”

Lighting breaks down into 6 categories...

  1. Natural lighting 
  2. Task lighting — not for people or buildings — it lights the task
  3. Ambient lighting — nothing more important — warm “everywhere” light that comes from nowhere
  4. Directional lighting — least important — highlights objects
  5. Decorative lighting — sparkles and bling — chandeliers, Xmas trees
  6. Kinetic lighting — most atavistic or primal — candles, fires, leaves blowing in the wind, clouds, TV!

On the other side of that coin, that are 3 enemies of proper lighting...

  1. Glare — the single reason why expensive lamps are worth every penny
  2. Wrong color temp
  3. Harsh shadow or no shadow

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