Success From...Skateboards

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A San Celemente entrepreneur has taken the skateboard and totally revamped to fit anywhere!

Put it in your locker, your bag, it's seriously portable and totally unique.

The creative genius behind this board? A middle schooler!

Twelve-year-old Carson Kropfl created the Locker Board by taking old skateboard decks and making them into smaller, ridable rounded cubes.

The inspiration came to Carson when he first entered middle school and realized he would have a locker for the first time.

When his skateboard wouldn't fit, he knew he had to fix the situation with older boards.

He eventually created what would be the final version of the Locker Board; a fully assembled board with steel bearings and a 17 inch deck that easily slips into backpacks.

Carson and his boards first made news when he went to New York to appear on “The Harry Show” with TV host Harry Connick Jr.

While also in the big apple, Carson made a stop to Trump Tower to offer a Locker Board to then president-elect Trump's son Barron via a scribbled napkin note.

Months later, Carson recieved a letter from Trump.

“I am impressed by your craftsmanship and business spirit.”

Carson really hit the big times when he was able to present his Locker Board to the celebrity investors of Shark Tank.

After a short bidding war, it was Sir Richard Branson who struck a deal with the young entrepreneur with an offer of $65,000 for a 20 percent stake of the company.

"I chose Richard Branson’s for a couple things. One, he had a higher offer. And two, it's Richard Branson. I was telling myself in my head, 'This is really happening'."

Carson's business is continuously growing and we were lucky enough to have him in studio to interview!

Check out his day with his mom Carrie and Bill here at KFI!

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Hear Bill's interview with Carson!

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