O.C. Toll Road Nightmare

The toll roads in Orange County are such a big fat scam! Just wait until you hear the hell that local man Nick Timm is going through.

Nick had some charges that he neglected to pay and owed about $500. He set up a payment plan, but because of late fees and penalties he was told he had to pay about $1,000. Then something went wrong on the O.C. Toll Road's end, because they stopped deducting the money from his account using the debit card information he had provided.

Bills and notices were also being sent to the wrong address!

He had no idea that any of this was going on. Then, all of the sudden, he's told he owes $22,171 in fines and penalties. 


Nick has been trying to fix the problem, and has had the fine significantly reduced, but he's still getting zero help from Orange County.

The people in the Toll Road offices keep him on hold, send him in circles, and drop his calls. It's been a huge problem for Nick. 

He couldn't even pay his vehicle registration because the fines resulted in a lien on his car.

Nick was kind enough to join us for two segments this afternoon to share the ordeal. Listen below, it'll make your blood boil:

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