'Get Out' Will Compete As Comedy At 2018 Golden Globes, Jordan Peele Reacts

Get Out has been nominated in the comedy/musical categories at the 2018 Golden Globes.

EW reports: "EW has confirmed the Jordan Peele-directed horror-satire will compete as a comedy at the upcoming Golden Globe Awards, where awards pundits had already pegged it a likely contender regardless of its placement." 

Understandably, people on social media are beyond confused. Would you really consider a movie like Get Out a comedy because it definitely isn't a musical? It's a thriller with historical undertones, mixed with drama, realistic fiction and some parody. We understand that it's hard to pin down in one category, but a comedy seems like a stretch.

The director of the film Peele doesn't even agree that it should be in the comedy categories. On Wednesday (Nov. 15) morning, he reacted to his movie's nomination. "‘Get Out’ is a documentary," Peele tweeted. Check out the message below. 

Next, take a look at some Twitter reactions to Get Out's comedy/musical nominations below.

The entire list of 2018 Golden Globes nominations will be revealed in December. 

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