Over 80 University Students Used an App to Cheat

Several students at Ohio State University may not be able to graduate after allegedly being caught cheating on class work.

The university's Committee on Academic Misconduct found that 83 undergraduate students at the Fisher College business school used the social media app “GroupMe” to do classwork together.

University spokesperson Benjamin Johnson says the professor was the one to catch the students and turned them all in.

They have been charged with violating the university's code of conduct for unauthorized collaboration on graded assignments.

Johnson says students are allowed to use social media and apps to communicate and collaborate, but the rules for cheating apply to all mediums.

Per the university's statement:

“Students charged with academic misconduct violations may accept responsibility for the charges or request a hearing...

If found in violation, students receive sanctions based on the nature and severity of the violation in accordance with university standards and protocols.”

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