L.A. Singles Live In Third Best City For Singles

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Dating in Los Angeles can be so toxic, it should come with its own Prop 65 warning sign.

According to a new survey from personal finance website Wallethub, L.A. residents live in one of the best cities in America for singles. So, now, you'll have something to point to during your family's annual interrogation about your dating life during the holidays. 

The survey compared more than 180 U.S. municipalities across 32 different indicators that fosters a single-friendly atmosphere. Those include; the share of the single population, the number of online dating opportunities, and amount of nightlife options per capita. 

So if you're a struggling actress who's looking for her piano-playing jazz musician in the City of Angels, don't give up hope yet. But if you do, you can head for San Francisco which came in on #1 on the list, and Atlanta which edged out Los Angeles for the number two spot. 

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