Deported 'Dreamer' busted for trying to sneak back into the U.S.

Juan Manuel Montes Bojorquez - National Immigration Law Center

(Juan Manuel Montes Bojorquez - National Immigration Law Center)

Juan Manuel Montes-Bojorquez , an illegal alien "Dreamer" who became the face of the DACA movement earlier this year after being deported, was arrested last week for trying to sneak back into the United States without permission.

Montes-Bojorquez claims to be the first "Dreamer" to be deported under President Trump, and was suing to get back in to the country.

He was waiting in his home country of Mexico for the court proceedings to start, but the Border Patrol caught him trying to sneak in near Calexico, California.

Assistant Chief Patrol Agent David S. Kim said:

“Our agents witnessed and arrested Mr. Bojorquez making an illegal entry into the United States for the second time this year. Border Patrol Agents will always stop, detain, and arrest anyone making an illegal entry into the country irrespective of their immigration or citizenship status.”

Back in February Montes-Bojorquez tried to sneak in again right after his initial deportation and was caught, negating his protections under DACA. 

After this recent second arrest, authorities said they would charge him with re-entry after removal, a felony that can earn up to 2 years in prison.

According to document, Montes-Bojorquez admitted to agents that he was not authorized to be in the country and that he was trying to get to Sacramento.

His case is still pending, and its not clear how his latest arrest will affect his case to get back into the United States.

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