#TechTalk Brings You The Top Holiday Apps

Shopping during the holiday season can be a pain.

Everyone says they have the best deals, but it isn't very easy to compare and contrast what is going on at different stores.

Then, when you finally make a decision and buy something, you talk to someone who bought the exact same thing for a fraction of the price!


If you're tired of this happening to you, check out some of these apps...

- Ebates -

Al you do is shop and get cash back.  It really is that simple.  Over 2,000 companies participate, so you can shop like you always do, while getting cash back the whole tmie.

- Flipp -

Too many circulars coming at you?  This app puts them all together in one place.  Then, when you find something you want to purchase, the app searches your coupons for you.

- Shopkick - 

It doesn't do much, except rewarding you with FREE GIFT CARDS!

- DealNews - 

Instead of you doing all the research and scouring the internet for all the best deals, DealNews does it for you.

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