Man named Donald Crump accused of choking customer over cold fries

Donald Crump - Shelby County Sheriff's Office

(Donald Crump - Shelby County Sheriff's Office)

The owner of a Tennessee hot wings joint named Donald Crump is accused of choking a customer who complained that her french fries were cold.

It went down inside Crumpy's Hot Wings in Memphis on November 3rd, according to the Memphis Police Department.

Victim Rinesha Moore says that Donald Crump choke slammed her after they got into a fight over the temperature of her fries.

Moore said:

"The man came from around the counter and strangled me. He deserves a punishment for doing this to a woman. He pushed me with his two hands and like pushed me into the fishbowl then I laid back, and he came like this with his two hands.”

Crump has a different version of the story and maintains he never choked Moore. He says he only grabbed her to remove her from his establishment.

Witnesses told police that Moore threw food on the floor during the altercation. Crump was arrested on assault charges and has since been released.

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