Alleged Bank Robber Caught After TV Interview

An alleged bank robber was finally caught by police after he stopped to do a TV interview with the local news station.

Lawrenceville, Georgia police say Eric Rivers has robbed a string of banks, two of which were successful.

Officers say they were able to catch Rivers after he stopped to talk to CBS46 about traffic in the area.

“Gwinnett County doesn’t really have it’s own transportation, so MARTA coming out here will really help out a lot.” 

That interview came after Rivers had just robbed a bank and was spotted by employees making his way towards the reporter's news van.

Before his interview, Rivers told the reporter Ashley Thompson that he wanted to take off his du-rag and hat...the same items he was seen wearing on nearby surveillance cameras.

Detectives reached out to Thompson and asked her about the man she interviewed and were able to match him to bank camera images.

Officer arrested Rivers later that day.

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