Why is Hidden Valley Selling a ‘Ranch Keg'?

Say what? Hidden Valley is selling a 'keg' of ranch dressing on their website. Photo Credit: Hidden Valley

Like many companies looking forward to the holidays, Hidden Valley just announced their newest product on their online holiday store; a keg filled with ranch for a whopping $50.

Yes, you read that right. For $50 you can be the proud owner of a 9.7 inch tall Hidden Valley® Mini Ranch Keg, which holds up to five liters of Ranch. That price also includes a year’s supply of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing.

According to the New York Daily News, the keg comes to your door with 12 bottles of ranch that its owner can use to refill as needed.

For those speculating how the ranch stays tasty and chilled, the product description on the website helpfully notes that a “special inside coating meets FDA specifications and keeps the ranch tasting fresh.”

"We want to ensure the ranch is as fresh as possible so people can fill their kegs when they are ready for their parties," a spokesperson told Today Food.

The kegs can be pre-ordered now, but won’t be shipping until December 11, according to the company’s official website.

Hidden Valley is known for their awesome Christmas gifts, which range from socks to a "peace, love, ranch" tote bag, dressing bottle coozies, baby onesies, and of course, their wildly loved Ranch fountain for $110.

You can purchase the Hidden Valley keg (if you're so inclined) at the company's website here.

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