Podcast Week - Spotlight on 'Heavy Petting' Hosted by Wayne Resnick

It's podcast week here at KFI and that means we're celebrating some of the best podcasts hosted by your favorite KFI personalities. 

Today's entry is from Mr. Wayne Resnick (currently running the sports world on the Bill Handel morning show). 

Heavy Petting was born from Wayne's popular segment from his former KFI weekend show. Each week (or so) you can enjoy heartwarming animal stories that don't end with vivisection or some horrible pet death.  It's animals in the news... but not in an upsetting way.  Hosted by Wayne Resnick & Clay Roe.  

New Episodes are posted more or less weekly every Friday. 

We asked Wayne to highlight a recent episode that he really enjoys and thinks people will get a kick from. Here's what he sent:  

Heavy Petting Episode 19. A good one because of the fun personal dog story that kicks it off and the parts about how dogs and humans have evolved together over the centuries.

A very dog focused episode! Also, it is revealed that I have eaten dog food (and so did a bunch of KFI people unwittingly.

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