Texas Shooter: "Everybody die, motherf**ker!"

Devin Kelley

(Devin Kelley)

The Texas church shooter yelled “Everybody die, motherf**ker!” as he unleashed unspeakable carnage. Kelley killed 26 and injured 20 more inside of the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs on Sunday.

He started shooting outside of the church and then paused before entering and shooting again. Survivor Rosanne Solis was hopeful that the brief silence meant that the authorities had stopped him:

"I thought it was the police when he went inside because everyone got real quiet. Everyone was saying, ‘Be quiet. It’s him. It’s him.’ Then he yelled out, ‘Everybody die motherf—!’ and he started shooting again.” 

Solis was shot in the shoulder and had to play dead to make it out alive:

“There was nowhere to go. I played dead, and I made sure that I hid myself good underneath that bench. I saw bodies with a lot of blood — that’s all I saw because I wasn’t about to get out from where I was hiding. I shouldn’t have gone to church that day.” 

Kelley didn't care who he was shooting. The sick monster killed anyone who made a noise, including babies who couldn't control their fear. 

This maniac should have been stopped a long time ago. Devin Kelley spent 12 months in a military prison for assaulting his then-wife and his stepson. He received a bad-conduct discharge.

He was also charged with animal cruelty for beating a dog, and he was obsessed with a family dispute in the weeks leading up to the shooting. Investigators said he sent his mother-in-law threatening text messages.

Kelley's record of domestic violence should have barred him from purchasing a gun under Texas Law. And yesterday, the Air Force admitted that it didn't appropriately relay Kelley's court-martial conviction for domestic assault to civilian law enforcement.

 That prevented the information from showing up in federal databases that gun dealers are required to check before selling someone a gun. A statement from the Air Force said:

"Had his information been in the database, it should have prevented gun sales to Kelley."

How could this dirtbag slip through the cracks so easily?

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