Page: Sessions & Campaign Knew About Russian Deals

A flood of new revelations came to light on the heels of Carter Page's testimony before Congress yesterday.

Who is Carter Page?

Page is President Trump's former campaign foreign policy adviser.  Mikhail Leontyev, a rep for the Russian government's majority-owned Rosneft oil company specifically called out Page as "an extremely well-informed, authoritative expert on Russia."

Page's testimony is potentially disastrous for the Trump administration, and perhaps even to the GOP as a whole.  Here are some of the highlights:

He testified that US General Attorney Jeff Sessions knew he traveled to Russia in 2016

This contradicts Sessions' own under-oath testimony to the US Senate that he was "not aware" of anyone involved with the Trump campaign communicating with the Russian government.

He met with at least one top government official

Following a speech at a Russian University, the former campaign adviser met with Arkady Dvorkovich - the deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation.

He sent emails from Russia to the Trump campaign

The emails contained updates on Page's Russian mission, including mentions that he'd received insight and outreach from Russian legislators and members of the presidential administration.  He later clarified that he had meant he had seen them on Russian media.

He may have discussed US-backed Russian oil sanctions

Page met with Rosfnet's head of investor relations Andrey Baranov, and stated that the topic of sanctions "may have come up."

Read more on the Page testimony over at the Huffington Post.

Or for those with the time (read "patience"), you can take a look at Carter Page's entire 243-page testimony at the U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee website.

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