Nevada inmate wants to be executed

46-year-old Nevada inmate Scott Dozier wants to be put to death. He's scheduled to appear via video conference tomorrow for a hearing, and is on track to die less than a week later.

Federal public defenders representing Dozier are pushing to make sure that the lethal injection is done humanely, but are not asking to postpone the execution.

Dr. John DiMuro, the state’s chief medical officer, designed the 3-drug cocktail for Dozier, but he resigned last week. The cocktail consists of the anxiety drug diazepam, the pain reliever fentanyl and the paralytic cisatracurium.

DiMuro will be replaced with another doctor with about 40 years of experience who will oversee the execution.

Dozier requested last year that his appeals stop, and he'll be the first inmate to be executed since 2006. He was convicted of killing 22-year-old Jeremiah Miller at the now-closed La Concha Motel. In 2005. He was also convicted of second-degree murder in another case in Arizona.

He's wanted to die for more than a year now. Let's get this over with then. Execute him!

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