Anaheim High School's Confederate Mascot Redux

The Anaheim Union High School District's board has decided to redesign a controversial mascot at Savanna High School.

The character in question is named "Johnny Rebel," and as can be imagined, he's a Confederate Soldier of the 19th century U.S. Civil War.

For those unaware, Johnny Rebel was the anthropomorphic representation of the pro-slavery Confederacy - a symbol which has lingered for more than 150 years.

"No one should glorify a man who agrees with slavery or doesn't stand against it..." 

- Bianca Garcia, former Savanna HS student

The Anaheim high school have been known as the "rebels" ever since their opening in 1963, but officials were forced to publicly state that the mascot doesn't bear any racist connotations.  This came after an influx of concern about the Confederate icon.

While images of an assuredly Confederate soldier are present at the school, the majority of depictions are of a loosely-based Johnny Reb, more akin to Yosemite Sam: 

Some are pretty blatant, though:

Tension had run high at the school when news of possibly changing their mascot went public.  

Yesterday, a meeting was held which included more than 20 current and former students speaking in favor for or against the change.

When all was said and done, the roughly 130-person crowd were given three options:

  1. Remove the mascot
  2. Redesign the mascot
  3. Leave the mascot

Ultimately, more than half of current students voted for option 2, re-branding and redesigning the Rebel. 

Read more over about the school's decision to redesign Johnny Rebel at the OC Register.

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