Several Homes Vandalized with Fire Extinguishers

Officers are looking for a suspect responsible for vandalizing homes by spraying fire extinguishers inside open windows.

Kensington resident Mia Mogavero says she was at home doing some work at her kitchen table when she heard someone come to her doorway.

She says whoever it was sprayed a fire extinguisher for a few seconds, filling her living room with the grey fire retardant...she then sent a photo of the damage to a friend.

"My friend looked at the picture and was like, 'oh your house is gray, I didn’t know you had gray floors,' and I said, 'I don’t, I have wood floors.'" 

Mogavero was watching her friend's dog at the time and when the spray started to happen she locked him away out of fear of the spray being poisonous.

"I’m lucky that I have no damage, I’m lucky nothing was stolen, I’m lucky I was able to not get hurt, nothing was poisonous -- like, he didn’t put chemicals in there."

Neighbor Cristyn Chandler says she was sitting on her couch when she heard a loud noise next door.

"It’s just all white and I look at the floor and it’s completely white. So my brain's trying to rationalize it, and I’m like did she put sand on the floor for the dog?" 

Another victim, Karen Trudelle says she woke up in the middle of the night to see her bathroom covered in retardant.

“I went to go use the bathroom and I was like 'wait a minute, what is this?'"

She says she had to basically replace everything; new toothbrushes, floor mats, makeup and other toiletries as well as calling up a plumber to fix the backed up drains filled with spray remnants.

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