LA City Fire Department hopes to Share Life-Saving Skills with Public

The Los Angeles City Fire Department wants to get as many people into the station to learn proper CPR training. This could be the key knowledge between someone’s life and death.

Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas told KFI’s Kristopher Ankarlo that learning hands-free CPR can only take a few minutes “and can literally save a life.”

Using a dummy, people are able to practice the proper technique through automated external defibrillators (AEDs). That means you only need a few minutes of your time to turn into a “ready to react” first responder.

Firefighter Allen Janson was called to a local gym where a man had collapsed. He had no pulse and was not breathing. Janson and a trainer started CPR.

“After those five minutes of CPR, the man was able to regain a pulse,” Janson told Ankarlo.

Terrazas also recommends that people should download an app called “Pulse Point”, which alerts people that are CPR-trained nearby if someone has a heart attack.

If interested, one can take the full LAFD CPR Course through EMS Safety.

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