Donna Brazile On Critics: "I Tell 'Em Go to Hell!"

Donna Brazile is pulling no punches when it comes to recent criticism she's faced in the wake of her new book's release.

The book covers a number of topics regarding Brazile's stint as DNC chair, including newly-revealed information about campaign expenditures and Hillary Clinton's health. 

One major bombshell which stole the headlines was that she had seriously considered replacing Hillary Clinton with Joe Biden as the Democratic presidential candidate.

Brazile's candor prompted angry responses from many Democrats, including the Hillary For America 2016 campaign team.  Her former colleagues issued a letter which expressed their confusion and discontent:

We were shocked to learn the news that Donna Brazile actively considered overturning the will of the Democratic voters by attempting to replace Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine as the Democratic Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees.It is particularly troubling and puzzling that she would seemingly buy into false Russian-fueled propaganda, spread by both the Russians and our opponent, about our candidate’s health.  

Donna came in to take over the DNC at a very difficult time. We were grateful to her for doing so. She is a longtime friend and colleague of many of us and has been an important leader in our party. But we do not recognize the campaign she portrays in the book.Brazile was quick to respond to her critics in a somewhat brazen fashion, as ABC's George Stephanopoulos found out:

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