Adoption Rates Increase after Shelter sorts Dogs into Harry Potter Houses

Photo Credit: Getty Images

A pet shelter in Orlando, Florida, is doing just about anything to get their adoptable pups into loving homes.

The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando has created a new system to help advertise its available dogs by sorting the canines into Hogwarts houses from the Harry Potter series.

The system is called “Pawgwarts” and is used in hopes of getting more eyes on the shelter.

"Instead of using a sorting hat, we use dog toys," Executive Director Stephen Bardy told the "Today" show. This new method of sorting also helps the shelter recognize the individual dog and not a specific breed, Bardy explained.

Each dog is presented with four toys, and a behaviorist watches them playing to figure out which house matches the dog perfectly.

Gryffindor is for brave, athletic dogs, while Slytherin is for cunning pack leaders. Dogs that fit under Ravenclaw are intelligent, problem-solving dogs. And of course, Hufflepuffs are loyal, patient and excitable.

According to Mashable, once the dog is properly sorted, they are given a matching color scarf for their house along with charts for potential adopters to view.

The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando is a no-kill shelter with around 3,500 dogs and a 95 percent release rate. According to the shelter, dogs are usually in Pawgwarts for about eight days before being adopted.

The shelter has seen an increase in traffic and hopes to highlight the larger topic of giving every dog, regardless of breed, a chance to have a family according to ABC News.

If interested, the shelter also created an online quiz for dog owners to sort their own pets into the Hogwarts houses.


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