Apple Reveals Most Popular Emojis in the United States

Apple is giving everyone a look into America's soul after revealing the most popular emojis used in the country in a new report released on Friday. 

Taking the number one spot (and it wasn't even close) was the "Face With Tears of Joy" emoji which beat out other popular options like the :heart: emoji, "Crying Tears of Laughter," and "Face With Heart Eyes." 

Apple released the info as part of a new paper describing "local differential privacy," which is a technique the tech company uses to collect user data without comprising their customer's privacy. Apple accomplishes this by adding random noise to individual data profiles which help protect the user's privacy. 

Basically, as Apple collects more data on a large group, the company is able to control for that noise giving them the ability to gain insight into huge groups of people without violating individual privacy. 

Apple describes the technique in their paper thusly: 

The differential privacy technology used by Apple is rooted in the idea that statistical noise that is slightly biased can mask a user’s individual data before it is shared with Apple. If many people are submitting the same data, the noise that has been added can average out over large numbers of data points, and Apple can see meaningful information emerge.

The chart of the most popular emojis used by Americans was included in the report demonstrating the technique. 

Apple's data seems to back up what other sites that track emoji use see. One example,, (which tracks emoji use across Twitter), has "Face Crying With Tears" ranked at a comfortable number 1 by a huge margin.

The list of emoji rankings come just as Apple released an additional 70 emojis included on their iOS 11.1 update. 

By the way, if you're struggling for a reaction to this story, we suggest using one that expresses both laughter and tears in one symbol. After all, everyone else in America is doing it. 

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