Meth Found in Child's Halloween Candy

The Menominee Indian Tribe in Wisconsin says someone put a bag of crystal meth in a toddler's trick-or-treat bag.

Menominee Tribal Police Chief Mark Waukau says the father of the child found the bag during an annual community event they were at.

He says that when the father saw the yellow powder he alerted police to his discovery.

"The father was going through the candy and he finds a really small clear plastic packet like the size of a quarter.

I think people are pretty upset. That's what we want. We want people to get upset and come forward and give us information. We're already getting tips."

After being field tested, it was confirmed that the yellow powder was methamphetamine.

Waukau told all parents to dispose of all candy from the event, fearing more meth was dropped into children's bags. 

"We're seeing such a big increase of people outside the reservation from Milwaukee and the Chicago area bringing drugs in here that are so lethal. We've been targeting them pretty good and kicking some people off [the reservation] when we catch them."

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