Market Monday with Rebecca Jarvis

ABC's Rebecca Jarvis joins us today for Market Monday, giving us all the updates on the stock market and business news.

Rebecca is the Chief Business, Technology and Economics correspondent for ABC News. She is also the Host, Creator, and Managing Editor of Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.

Rebecca has a new episode of her podcast "No Limits" coming out tomorrow.  Rebecca Jarvis speaks with the world's most influential women about how they built their empires -- from their earliest mistakes to their riskiest decisions to the worst advice they ever received to the moments that finally changed everything. New episodes every Tuesday morning.

This week's guest is Jennifer Hyman, CEO and Co-Founder of Rent the Runway.  If the average woman only wears about 20% of her closet, what happens to the other 80%? You might not need it anymore. CEO and Co-founder of Rent the Runway, Jennifer Hyman, says closets might become a thing of the past. Hyman’s idea for Rent the Runway began while she was still a student at Harvard Business School and one of her first meetings involved pitching Diane von Furstenberg. On this episode, Hyman opens up about her belief in experience over ownership, offers tips on seeking venture funding as an entrepreneur, and the future of retail.

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