Dean Sharp Joins Us To Discuss Why He Is So Over Open Concept

Disclaimers ...

  • Dean doesn’t hate open concept
  • Dean was one of the first designers in LA to advocate eat-in kitchens and to predict the death of the formal dining room among Millennials
  • Dean is famous for adding walls, but then opening them up
  • As with all design trends, the pendulum must eventually swing back

The problems with Open Concept:

  • Life is not as simple as a one-size-fits-all formula
  • Most cooks can’t engage in deep conversation and avoid burning dinner at the same time
  • The wrong open concept makes a small house smaller real FAST
  • I don’t want to walk in the front door and feel like I’m in your kitchen
  • Too much openness destroys intimacy - the “law of significant enclosure”

Real design advice:

  • Creating drama and “space” in a home isn’t about technical distance.  It’s about pauses, previews and pathways.
  • Evolutionarily, we don’t want too much open space around us.
  • The more outdoors you see, the less indoors you need.

Other DIY gimmicks

  • There’s a huge difference between designing and decorating
  • Always redoing the most expensive parts of the house.
  • Drama ... who could have guessed you had poor insulation, structural problems and knob and tube wiring in your 100 year old house? Better add $40k to the budget.
  • DIY TV is the equivalent of NCIS or Law and Order SVU ... it’s a procedural.

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