Child from Wisconsin Finds Meth in her Trick-or-Treat bag

Wisconsin police said Monday that a child found a bag of methamphetamine among their chocolate bars, Nerds, and Twizzlers.

The drugs were found by the child’s mother who was trick-or-treating over the weekend on the Menominee Indian Reservation, located about an hour outside of Green Bay.

ABC News reports that the mother took the quarter-sized yellow bag of powder immediately down to the Menominee Tribal Police. The substance later tested positive for methamphetamine.

Police are currently investigating the situation at hand, and are asking parents to keep a close eye out for any more suspicious or troubling objects in their bags. If they do find anything suspicious, they are urged to contact authorities immediately.

The child who found the drugs reportedly did not ingest anything harmful.

As Halloween approaches, other states around the nation are urging parents to be careful while trick-or-treating with their children. Back in the day, parents were concerned about razors being placed in candy or treats. Now, in California, parents are being warned of marijuana edibles being given out instead of standard candy.

Edibles are currently the fastest-growing segment of the cannabis industry, according to CBS News. With the legalization date for California set for January 1st, officials are urging parents to be on the lookout for these items that are more available than ever.

“It’s just another thing you’ve got to think about,” parent Gilbert Gil told CBS. “You’ve got to do it to keep your kids safe.”

If parents do find pot products in their child’s candy, they are advised to avoid touching it and contact the police immediately.

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