Bird Collides With Boeing Jet, Causes Great Photos

A massive dent discovered in the nose of a Boeing 757 jet has been chalked up to a mid-flight bird collision.

Turbulence outside, Thunder inside

The Delta Airlines jet was taking the NBA's championship team Oklahoma City Thunder from Minneapolis to Chicago. 

Players who were aboard snapped photos of the damage after their plane had experienced turbulence en route to the Windy City, but until this morning there had been no official cause of the damage.

Several of the team posted their surreal photos on Twitter and Instagram:

A spokesperson for Delta released a statement attributing the caved-in nose "most likely" to a collision with a bird:

That's a big bird!

Fortunately, the plane landed at Chicago's O'Hare Airport without further incident, and all the Thunder's players were reported as safe.

Read more about the collision over at ABC News.

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