Apple Store to Dim Lights After Birds Keep Flying into Glass

After massive backlash from wildlife groups, an Apple store in Chicago has agreed to dim its store lights as several dead birds have been found on the premises.

Members of the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors says that because the store's lights are so bright at night it causes birds to fly into them and die.

Apple spokesman Nick Leahy responded to the criticism:

“Starting tonight, at least until we can get through the migratory season, we will get the lights down as much as can overnight.”

The city of Chicago also has a "Lights Out" program that encourages owners and managers of high rises to dim or completely turn off their lights.

“Thousands of migratory birds are settling to rest in the early morning hours, seeking shelter and food after their long migratory journey. They can collide with lighted glass as they try to enter the space behind it. Research has shown that birds do not see glass.”

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