Serial pooper soils laundry machines on college campus

Credit: Getty Images

Laundry day for students living in Abbot Hall at Southern Illinois University has become a nightmare because a serial pooper has turned the washing machines into his or her own personal toilet.

8 students have found their clothes covered in poop, according to the campus newspaper The Daily Egyptian.

Sophomore Khiyah Ransom said:

“Now I’m, like, terrified. I was really upset about it, just wondering who’s doing this pooping.”

The pooper goes after wet laundry inside machines when students leave their clothing unattended.  Freshman Brian Piller said:

"I went down into the laundry room to wash my clothes and I opened one of the washers and noticed that it smelled like someone had taken a dump in there. It kind of surprised me. I wondered if maybe someone had had an accident.”

A school spokesperson says there's only been one report filed with the school. Chief Communications Officer Rae Goldsmith said:

“Housing staff received one report of an incident in September. Following the report, staff members initiated conversations with students about responsible group living and respect for each other’s property."

She didn't say if the laundry dumper was still out there.

Click here to read more at the Daily Egyptian. 

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