Man Finds $9 World Series Tickets on StubHub

Call it a glitch or an act of a baseball god, but one man scored the deal of a lifetime to Game 2 of the World Series.

Jordan Benedict was searching StubHub for tickets to the game when he came across a too good to be true deal---two sets to the world series for less than $10 a pop.

"Since this was such an insane deal, I felt the need to reach out to StubHub customer service. They were beyond accommodating and informed me that they would unfortunately be refunding my tickets and giving them back to the seller so they can repost them at the appropriate price."

While it seemed the deal slipped away, StubHub decided to help a guy out and said that since Benedict had found them, they would honor the deal.

"They were going to honor the purchase price and give me two tickets in a similar area of the stadium." 

And they say dreams don't come true!

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