Whatcha Watchin Wednesday: "Stranger Things" Season 2

"Stranger Things" Season 2 comes out this Friday, and we are gearing up for the release on Whatcha Watchin Wednesday!

One of the kids on "Stranger Things" has been so well trained on not giving away spoilers for the new season ... he sounds like a dad telling his kids no dessert before dinner.

We got Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin, and asked if he had just one little juicy tidbit he could share before Season 2 drops in a couple of days.

Besides him saying "It's gonna be good," Gaten hilariously insists on keeping a lid on things -- but he was happy to tell us about the new pressure on the whole cast, now that Season 1 "raised the bar" so high. He also opened up about his favorite stuff from the '80s ... and it's pretty funny.

Note to Gaten: That "thing" is called a cassette tape.

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