Mama Bear and Her Cub enter Elementary School grounds

Have you seen this bear? (Photo courtesy Pasadena Rosebud Academy)

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department was called in to wrangle two bears which wandered onto the grounds of the Pasadena Rosebud Academy.

The pair were first spotted by an 8th-grader, who took to Snapchat to share photos of the bigger of the two trespassers.

Over the course of their stay, the twosome were kind enough not to cause any damage to school property - though they did make short work of some food which they found in the trash.

A yellow tag marked "51" is clearly visible dangling from the left ear of the elder bear, meaning that this mama has already had encounters with state wildlife officials.

Their detour through the school ended abruptly, however.  

Once alerted of the LA Sheriff's presence, the bears proceeded in true Los Angeles fashion by hopping a fence and fleeing deputies.

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