Day 3 of Kate Steinle murder trial

The trial into the fatal shooting of Kate Steinle went into its third day today, with police witnesses detailing the aftermath of the killing.

Prosecutors are trying to prove that 45-year-old illegal alien Jose Ines Garcia Zarate fired the gun intentionally and should be convicted of second degree murder.

Assistant District Attorney Diana Garcia said in her opening statements that Garcia Zarate's actions reflected his guilty state of mind . Witnesses say that he tossed the gun into the bay and walked away as people rushed to help Steinle.

Officer Andrew Bryant said he came across Garcia Zarate about an hour after the shooting described him as “a deer in the headlights:"

“His eyes got really big and he stood up. He walked away in a fast pace.”

Vivian Ho from the San Francisco Chronicle joined us this afternoon with the latest on the trial. Click here to read her full story at SF Gate.

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