Another Actress Comes Forward Against Harvey Weinstein

Another actress has come forward against embattled producer Harvey Weinstein. Dominque Huett, appeared with her attorney Jeff Herman at a press conference in Beverly Hills on Wednesday alleging that Weinstein mistreated her in a hotel in November 2010. 

Huett shared her story that appeared in the lawsuit she filed earlier this week. She first met Weinstein a few years prior to the incident, saying she rebuffed the producer when he asked if she had a boyfriend. 

“I shut that down immediately, and I said, ‘No, that has nothing to do with what I want to do.’ I said, ‘What is this, a casting couch thing?'” she said. Weinstein immediately got annoyed with her response, Huett said. 

Huett's lawsuit follows a familiar pattern of allegations - Weinstein invited the young actress up to his room, giving the impression it would be a meeting about the starlet's career in film and TV. Instead, once Huett arrived, Weinstein went to the bathroom, and returned wearing a bathrobe. 

According to Huett, that's when Weinstein demanded that she give him a massage and asked her to perform oral sex on him which she immediately declined. According to Huett, Weinstein persisted and performed oral sex on her, and then masturbated in front of her. 

Huett says the Weinstein Co. knew, and was complicit in Weinstein's conduct. 

“I didn’t know how to say no to someone like him at the time, which I regret,” she said at Wednesday's press conference. “I wish I would have shut it down right there, like I did a few years earlier.”

This allegation is separate from as Gloria Allred came forward this morning with an accuser of her own against Weinstein. 

“In Hollywood, there’s a name for what happened here,” Herman said. “It’s called the casting couch. This case is really about putting the casting couch on trial.”

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