Turkish father kills himself on Facebook Live

A very upset Turkish father, angry that his daughter got engaged without his permission, killed himself on Facebook Live.

54-year-old Ayhan Uzun spoke directly into the camera as shocked viewers commented and posted reaction emojis pleading for him to stop.

He then suddenly put a handgun to his head and fired a shot into his temple, immediately causing him to collapse on the floor.

Just before killing himself, Uzun says:

“Goodbye, I am leaving, take good care of yourselves."

Earlier in the video he's heard saying:

“I am livestreaming tonight, and it is my will, I do not want the ones who put me in this position to attend my funeral. Nobody asked me. Nobody treated me like a man. My father-in-law took my place and without having a right, he approved my daughter’s wedding … Nobody said this girl’s father is alive. Though I would have waited for my daughter and family to say to me: ‘Come, Father, be with us.’ A little later I will put an end to my life with the gun I am holding in my hands."

Facebook issued a statement reading:

“We are deeply saddened by the this tragedy. We don’t allow the promotion of self-injury or suicide on Facebook. We want people to have a safe experience on Facebook and we work with organizations around the world to provide assistance for people in distress.”

Click here for more at the New York Post.

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