8 border wall prototypes are unveiled

A few miles from the U.S.-Mexico border stand 8 border wall prototypes, constructed from concrete and steel shooting up at a height of 30 feet.

Whether or not the prototypes become part of the actual wall has yet to be determined. Congress has shown little interest in taking on the wall, but border patrol officials are all for it. Roy Villareal, deputy chief patrol agent of the U.S. Border Patrol's San Diego sector, said:

"Our current infrastructure is well over two decades old. Is there need for improvement? Absolutely."

Right now 654 miles of the 1,900-mile border is are fenced with single, double, or triple fences. The second line of fencing in San Diego is about 18 feet tall, and has been breached 2,000 times in the last 3 years.

Villareal says is Trump's wall ever gets funded, the border patrol might use one or more of the new wall designs to replace worn sections of existing fence.

Click here to read more about the prototypes at CNBC.

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