Trump Scarecrow at Elementary School Causes Drama

Southern California parents are angry over the placement of a Donald Trump scarecrow at their children's school.

A post on the Santa Clarita Community Watchdog page shared a picture of the scarecrow at an elementary school in Saugus.

"No matter what your political affiliation is, this was 100% inappropriate for elementary students to see at Santa Clarita Elementary today!! What was this teacher thinking "Mrs Clark" from room #22 subjecting Santa Clarita children to such hate & her political views...standby more to come at the District."

All over social media, people aired their distaste over the scarecrow...

“To suggest this is not an issue is turning a blind eye to the children being unfairly exposed to the degradation of the President of The United States and the exposure of the children to hatred.”

“Ouch. Wrong wrong. Kids don’t need to be subject to this. No matter what these people think of our President, he IS our President and deserves respect for the position. It’s not the educators position to encourage our children to disrespect anyone.”

“We need to have respect for our president and to allow young children to depict the president in that manner is disrespectful.”

...and some were actually cool with it.

“I’m fine with it. Left-leaning indoctrination has been occurring in every grade level, since, forever. Kids will graduate and quickly see that the real world doesn’t play by elementary school rules … ” 

“If only I could be so lucky to have someone like her teaching my children every year!!!...Shame on the people who badmouth her and don’t even know her, nor do they even have a child in her classroom!!!!”

The school says the scarecrow was apart of an annual contest and all classes participate.

The president of the school’s Parent-Teacher Club, Sarah Barsh apologized for the offense.

“I apologize if this is offensive. I do not believe it is the student’s intention to be political.”

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