Porter Ranch Protesters demand total shut down of gas facility

Today marks two years since the monstrous gas leak at the Aliso Canyon gas storage facility in Porter Ranch that spewed methane and other toxic chemicals into the air.

Jerry Brown dragged his feet on the issue, the state continues to drag its feet, and the whole thing smells like a big cover up.

Today protesters gathered outside the facility wearing hazmat gear and chanted, "Shut it all down! Shut it all down!"

Matt Pakucko, lead organizer of the group Save Porter Ranch, told ABC 7:

"They have done nothing. They swore up and down, they certified just a couple weeks ago, a few weeks ago, that facility is safe. Liars or incompetent, which one is it?"

Alexandra Navy with the organization Food & Water Watch said:

"It's been two years later, but nothing has changed. It still leaks. People are still getting sick, pets are still dying."

Last week we spoke to Dr. Jeffrey Nordella about his study on the health impacts the gas leak is having on Porter Ranch residents. You can click here to listen to that interview.

Listen below to today's segment with Matt Pakucko, lead organizer of Save Porter Ranch:

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