#TerrorInTheSkies - Drunk Urinator Ruins Flight

United Airlines is being sued by a passenger who claims that he was urinated on by a drunk passenger and then forced to endure the flight in urine soaked clothes.

A heavily intoxicated passenger boarded Daniel Card's flight from Los Angeles to New Jersey and sat next to him. According to Card's suit, as the flight prepared for takeoff his seatmate proceeded to take his penis out of his pants and urinate on on Card's leg. The drunk then passed out, as one does when wasted enough to think a stranger is a toilet.

Card then attempted to rouse the passenger to no avail. He informed the flight crew who allegedly refused his initial requests for a different seat. Finally, after being insistent, he was moved to a dry seat but forced to remain in his urine drenched clothes. 

Once the plane reached it's final destination of Newark New Jersey, both men were interviewed by the FBI.

The drunk passenger claims he didn't remember anything from the flight, that the last think he remembered was being in the airport bar back in Los Angeles where he admitted to drinking at least four rum and cokes.

Read more about the lawsuit at Fox News

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