New Weinstein rape accusation surfaces as LAPD steps in

An Italian actress / model who lives in LA has formally accused fallen Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein of rape.  She is the sixth to accuse Weinstein of rape, and one of the 47+ who have already made allegations of sexual assault.

What happened?

The 38 year-old actress (who has chosen to remain anonymous) told investigators that the incident occurred in 2013 at the Mr. C Beverly Hills hotel.  Weinstein tried to invite himself to her hotel room, but she refused.  Later in the evening, he found her room regardless and forced his way in where he raped her.

What makes this accusation different?

This case marks the first set of allegations to be placed against Weinstein from Southern California.

This means that the LAPD is now actively investigating Harvey Weinstein, and that the pathway to prosecution against Weinstein is formally set.

More surely to come soon.

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