John Cox: 'Repeal California's gas tax increase'

Credit: Getty Images

Here's a bit from a piece he wrote for the SF Chronicle about repealing the tax:

"Recently, a group of special interests threatened those daring to propose repeal of the California Democrats’ $5.2 billion-a-year gas-and-car tax increases. Members of the California Republican congressional delegation and taxpayer protection advocates, including the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, the National Tax Limitation Committee and taxfighter Carl DeMaio, are refusing to back down. They have pledged to take the gas tax repeal to the ballot.

I, for one, commend their courage in taking on crony capitalism and the corruption that it breeds.

For too long, we have permitted the Democrats to masquerade as the defenders of the poor. They are anything but. This enormous tax at the gas pump, along with the special-interest-driven cap-and-trade tax and huge increase in the vehicle license fee, together constitute an enormous, regressive tax increase. These taxes hit the working poor particularly hard, forcing families to choose between gas in the tank to get to work, or rent, or food on the table..."

Click here to continue reading Cox's piece at the SF Chronicle.

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