8 Different Prototypes of Trump’s Border Wall Created

President Trump took to Twitter eagerly on Tuesday to show his followers a preview of the border wall prototypes that are underway in San Diego. Construction on the designs began September 26th and is supposed to last 30 days.

There will be eight prototypes for Trump’s proposed border wall once finished. Four of the prototypes will be made of concrete, while the other four are being made of alternate materials. All of the models are expected to be between 18 to 30 feet high and 30 feet long.

“The concrete design is made up of three long, concrete frames that gently slope upward from the U.S. side, but are completely vertical on the south side. The concrete is a light tan, nearly the same color as the dusty soil it stands on,” according to AZCentral.

Their height, officials say, is intended to make a statement to criminals and unauthorized crossers: Stay away.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that at least five prototypes have already been constructed and the work has progressed with little interruption, protests or outside opposition.

According to NPR, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is paying $20 million to six construction companies from Mississippi, Maryland, Alabama, Texas and Arizona for the creation of these border wall drafts.

"We want a better barrier. One that is hard to scale, hard to penetrate and hard to tunnel under," says Roy Villareal, chief of the San Diego Border Patrol sector. "We're hoping innovation from private industry combined with our experience generates the next evolution of border security infrastructure.”

When they’re all completed, CBP will move to the "test and evaluation" period of each structure.

Officials also said the new designs will be tested thoroughly before any are considered for the actual border wall between the states and Mexico.

NPR reports that around six undocumented immigrants have been “apprehended” during construction of the prototypes. Most of them were able to hop over the 10-foot, “Vietnam-era” landing mats that are the primary border fence as of now.

The Border Patrol says it usually picks up approximately 70 illegal crossers in the entire San Diego sector every single day.

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