Will de Leon have the cash to take on Feinstein?

Kevin de Leon's bid for US Senate may end before it begins if he can't get his fundraising game up and running. 

His first challenge will be whether he is able to continue being the Senate Leader and have legal access to millions from his state campaign accounts to use in the race. Campaign finance experts are skeptical that he will be able to. 

The 50 year old liberal needs to convince progressives that he can be tougher on President Trump than the 84 year old Feinstein. A Sacramento lobbyist, David Quintana, is close to de Leon and believe that this Senate race opens up doors for donors looking for a breath of fresh air.

“What makes Kevin so different I believe is that in this case you have not just a progressive, but a progressive ‘insider,’ ” Quintana said. “A progressive with a long list of legislative accomplishments, which I think the progressive folks are really going to be attracted to. (He’s) someone who has not just talked about, but enacted issues they care deeply about.”

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