Need a house? Amazon will now sell you a tiny home.

Owning a home was once a very big factor in the American Dream equation. 

But for a growing number of Americans, the idea of actually owning a home is simply that:  an idea

Housing costs and inflation have become a severe deterrent to hopeful home-owners, and owning a house is "more of a luxury thing."  Fortunately for those to whom this applies, a new movement has been picking up steam over the past few years that retailer has picked up on.

Enter the Tiny House

Salvation has come for those seeking a budget-friendly way of owning a home in the form of a tiny house.  For the price of a used car, you can buy a tiny house in a variety of styles and size, though they typically hover around 400 square feet.

A typical Tiny House

Tiny houses can cost as low as $5,000, and depending on your needs (furnishings, shipping, finances, design, etc), but the luxury models have been seen at $70,000+.  

And now is now offering a new tiny home from Mods International:  a 320 square-foot insulated 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom tiny home from Mods International which includes a living room, kitchenette, appliances, heat, air-conditioning and french doors.

Why a Tiny House?

  • Affordability
  • Mobility
  • Minimizing your life
  • Cheaper utility costs
  • Total design control

Tiny homes are all about minimizing your life, and maximizing your space.

Still not convinced?  Check out some of these gorgeous examples below:

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