Woman attacks 7-Eleven worker with hot nacho cheese

Stephanie L. Hicks - Brevard County Jail

(Stephanie L. Hicks - Brevard County Jail)

A Florida woman is in trouble for allegedly chucking hot nacho cheese and a sandwich at a 7-Eleven clerk while yelling, "the customer is always right!"

Stephanie L. Hicks got angry during an early-morning snack run around 1:50 am. The clerk told Hicks not open the hot cheese dispenser, but she did it anyway and got pissed off when the employee denied her service when she tried to pay.

Hicks said:

"The customer is always right!"

She then flung food items across the counter, and later told the police that she didn't like the clerk's attitude.

Hick waited around the store for the cops to arrive and was arrested on batter charges. Police saw the cheesy altercation on the surveillance tapes, and saw yellow remnants all over the clerk's hands, feet, and behind the counter.

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