The Cheapest Day to Buy Halloween Candy!

Let's be real, we buy Halloween candy MOSTLY just to pick at it in the weeks leading up to Halloween only to make a mad dash to the store an hour before sunset on October 31st. It CAN'T just be me doing this!

Americans spend an average of $16.45 per person on Halloween candy according to recent study. All 50 states were examined over the last two years and some interesting stats were discovered. 

Oregon has the biggest sweet tooth, spending roughly $40.29 a person for candy. Meanwhile, Ohio spent a measly $11.22 per person. Lame.

The biggest surprises out of the report were the variances in price for candy in the days leading up to Halloween. 

October 27 - four days before - has been determined to be the best day to buy your candy. It's priced the lowest, averaging $1.94 per bag/unit.

It's no surprise that procrastinators get the shaft, if you buy your candy the night before, you're going to get the price jacked up to about $2.75 per unit - almost a full dollar more expensive!

Read more about the study at AOL News

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