Public Health Hazards led to 7 LA Restaurants Closing

Rodents, cockroaches, and flies, oh my! Seven restaurants in various parts of Los Angeles were temporarily closed last week due to more than one public health hazard.

Between Oct. 1 to Oct. 7, the restaurants had their health permits suspended for cockroach, rodent, and fly infestations and not having working toilets, according to a report from the Los Angeles County Public Health Department.

The Shabu Shabu House at the E. Japanese Village Plaza Mall, the Beijing Bowl Express on Alameda, The Service Liquor Store, Pho 21, and the VIP Chinese Restaurant were cited for cockroaches.

Taco Estilo D.F. was cited with both cockroaches and a fly infestation. The 1 Dollar Store at the 3705 W. 3rd St location was suspended for a rodent infestation and for not having working toilets in the establishment.

Restaurants and markets whose permits are suspended have to close until another inspection states that the problems have been completely fixed. Closures can happen during routine or owner-initiated inspections, complaint investigations, and re-inspections.

The specifics on how many cockroaches or rats were found in each establishment has not been released by the LA County Public Health Department.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, if a restaurant is closed for a cockroach, rodent or fly infestation, sewage problems, or for not having any running water, it loses an additional seven points on top of the four points deducted for major health violations during the inspection.

One of the basic fundamentals of a restaurant inspection involves “closure of food facilities as per Cal Code when an immediate danger to the public health and safety is present” according to the official County of Los Angeles Public Health website.

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