As many of you already know, today is Friday the 13th.

But we here at KFI are more concerned with another, more joyous national celebration. 

Are ya ready, bub...?


We here at KFI are happy to offer a hearty "huzzah" to Conway on this day of days.  After all, it's kind of hard not to love the "King of the Ding."

All hilarity aside, Tim is a professional radio host.  And as could be expected he came in to work his normal shift this afternoon.  It's just a birthday.  Literally everybody has them.

But who out there really thinks he'd make it through the day without SOME kind of recognition? 

Check out what happened in the studio after he went live on the air:

Check out who else decided to show up: our wonderful friends over at Rowntree Gardens, including the esteemed Centenarians!  

Thank you so much to the Centenarians for the time and effort in putting together this wonderful birthday message!

As a side note, we nominate the picture above for most adorable photo on the internet.  

We love you Tim!!

Thank you for making our days more enjoyable.

Who is Rowntree Gardens?

Since 1965, Rowntree Gardens has focused on creating a senior living community where people and families feel at home. 

Where friendships are formed and every life is cherished. Where every day is a new opportunity to discover an interest, meet a friend, find a favorite corner of the garden, and connect with the people who care deeply and genuinely about your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Learn more about this fantastic, heard-working organization at RowntreeGardens.com.

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