Smartphones are hijacking our brains

We pull our smartphones out, on average, 80 times a day. A 2015 Gallup survey revealed that more than half of iPhone owners said that they couldn’t imagine life without their phones. For all of the comfort and convenience a phone provides, they’re also a hotbed for serious anxiety.

Scientists are discovering that now, more than ever, we’re looking at the world through our smartphones and as the technology gets more intuitive, we become more codependent and our brains are getting weaker.

A study out of the University of Texas at Austin has discovered that hearing a phone ring or vibrate derails focus so much that it makes concentration a problem. An experiment showed that when people could hear their phone ring but couldn’t answer it, they experienced a rise in their blood pressure, a quicker pulse, and their ability to solve problems declines.

For more details on the studies, go to The Wall Street Journal

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