Heavy Smoke from Canyon Fire 2 Causes Declined Air Quality

With the out pour of smoke from the Anaheim Hills area into Orange County, an air advisory has been issued.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District issued an advisory about the current unhealthy quality of the air:

“Smoke is currently heavy in the vicinity, with the fire fueled by strong Santa Ana winds. Winds will remain from the east today, bringing smoke into portions of Orange County. Air quality may reach Unhealthy levels or higher in areas directly impacted by smoke.”

Pulmonology specialist with St. Joseph Hospital in Orange Dr. Ray Casciari warns those with health conditions, the elderly and children to stay inside with their windows closed.

If you have to go outside, wear a surgical-type mask or a wet bandanna over your nose.

"The message for the folks at home is this is a dangerous situation. Air quality is really bad throughout all of Orange County."

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