A Virtual Fitting Room May Change Online Shopping

Twindom is looking to change online shopping as they allow customers to virtually try on clothes before they buy.

The 3D imaging startup is trying to solve that problem most shoppers have; you scour the internet for hours, find the perfect piece of clothing and wonder if it'll actually fit or look good.

CEO David Pastewka says the idea is to create a virtual fitting room experience.

“The final result looks like you wearing clothing that you’ve never worn before. And it is as accurate as if you had actually worn it.”

The scans come from Twindom's full body scanners that look like small, portable cages that can be easily set up.

The $27,000 device has the person stand in the center, cameras on all sides take photos and that data is converted into a 3D image.

Pastewka says the company is looking to partner with major retailers to draw customers in.

To learn more about Twindom’s virtual fitting room, or sign up to be part of the company’s beta test, visit drapr.com.

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